# As command

# Methods used

Lists all methods and properties recognised and used by the CommandDecorator.

# asCommand

Called when executed as a command. Uses the handle method directly when no asCommand method exists.

use Illuminate\Console\Command;

class UpdateUserRole
    use AsAction;

    public string $commandSignature = 'users:update-role {user_id} {role}';

    public function handle(User $user, string $newRole): void
        $user->update(['role' => $newRole]);

    public function asCommand(Command $command): void


# getCommandSignature

Defines the command signature. This is required when registering an action as a command in the console Kernel. You may define the signature using the $commandSignature property below.

public function getCommandSignature(): string
    return 'users:update-role {user_id} {role}';

# $commandSignature

Same as getCommandSignature but as a property.

public string $commandSignature = 'users:update-role {user_id} {role}';

# getCommandDescription

Provides a description to the command.

public function getCommandDescription(): string
    return 'Updates the role of a given user.';

# $commandDescription

Same as getCommandDescription but as a property.

public string $commandDescription = 'Updates the role of a given user.';

# getCommandHelp

Provides an additional message displayed when using the --help option.

public function getCommandHelp(): string
    return 'My help message.';

# $commandHelp

Same as getCommandHelp but as a property.

public string $commandHelp = 'My help message.';

# isCommandHidden

Defines whether or not we should hide the command from the artisan list. Default: false.

public function isCommandHidden(): bool
    return true;

# $commandHidden

Same as isCommandHidden but as a property.

public bool $commandHidden = true;
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